What we can offer you

Preconstruction/Design Assist

Venture Mechanical's preconstruction team brings well over 100 years of estimating experience to every project we touch. Our vast experience coupled with our in-house pricing data from thousands of bids, allow us to accurately budget projects during the earliest design phases and maintain those budgets throughout the entire construction process. This unique ability and experience makes Venture a preferred design-assist partner for many general contractors today.


A significant portion of Venture's annual workload comes from design-build projects. We have three licensed engineers on staff as well as several engineering graduates and on-site CAD and BIM capabilities to design, draw and stamp your plans in-house. Venture Mechanical is well versed in many types of occupancy classes and the specific requirements for each.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility, and provides a shared knowledge resource for building owners, operators, designers, and contractors from building conception to the end of the asset’s life-cycle. Venture Mechanical employs engineers, designers and detailers well-versed in the use of Revit MEP, AutoCAD MEP, and Navisworks enabling us to participate in collaborative design and construction processes with other design disciplines and construction trades. Design and construction utilizing BIM allows Venture’s project team to minimize errors and maximize productivity by enabling all project team members to visualize, measure, and extract information from a building’s mechanical systems in an accurate virtual environment.

Mechanical Installation

Venture Mechanical has a large and skilled labor force with the experience to install a wide range of mechanical systems. We specialize in the installation of air-cooled DX, condenser-water and chilled-water systems. The versatility and size of our field gives us the ability to handle large and complex projects, as well as projects with an accelerated schedule.

Test and Balance

Our in-house test and balance group is certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau, a nonprofit organization that provides standards, procedures and specifications to the test and balance industry. Venture Mechanical can provide you with an NEBB-certified test and balance report for air and water systems.


Venture Mechanical has the in-house capability to provide commissioning services on all of our projects. Commissioning is a comprehensive and systematic process to verify that the systems within a new or existing building perform as intended, and the practice is becoming the norm in mission-critical occupancies such as medical facilities and data centers

Mechanical Service/Maintenance

We have a talented staff with several decades of experience in our Service Department. Our staff can diagnose problems, recommend solutions and provide preventative maintenance and/or annual service agreements. We can retrofit existing conditions to restore your HVAC system to working condition effectively and cost-efficiently. In addition, our internal service department provides start-up for all of our construction projects.

Firefighters Air Replenishment System (FARS)

A FARS supplies air to strategically located air fill stations within a building. These air fill stations allow firefighters to refill their air bottles in less than two minutes and eliminate the need for an air bottle brigade - a group of firefighters assigned to manually transport air bottles up numerous flights of stairs or deep into structures.

Venture Mechanical is one of a few certified FARS installers in the state of Texas. If you have a project that requires a FARS, let our skilled team help you, from the initial budget phase all the way through the installation.